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Buying a Home at 25 | A Welcome Home Story

Buying a house at 25 seems to be an abnormal behavior in 2015. Plenty has been written on how the Millennial Generation just isn't buying homes like previous generations. Yet, to every rule there is an exception.  Some Millennials are out in the world starting up businesses. Some are out buying houses as homes. Other are out buying housing as an investment. The thought that no Millennials are getting into the housing market is wrong. 

I Made the House My Home | A Renovation Mortgage Story

No matter if it's your first house or you're making a life-change, buying a house often means you're buying someone else's house. The goal of course, is to make it your home. One option for this is a renovation mortgage. You can combine the cost of the purchase and the remodeling into one mortgage. One home buyer we talked to did just that. And now she says she loves her home!

How to Make Your First House a Home

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