Testimonials from AmeriFirst Home Mortgage Branches

Now that you've read the corporate side of becoming an AmeriFirst branch, do you think it sounds too good to be true? Don’t just take our word for it, read below to see what some of our satisfied branch managers have said about joining AmeriFirst.

Video Testimonials

Kevin Tally
Branch Manager
Lemont, IL

James Dix
Branch Manager
Fishers, IN

Eric Ellison
Branch Manager
Coldwater, MI

You can see more of our branch testimonials in our Join AmeriFirst playlist here.

Here's a look at what our branches are writing about us.


Brian J Lundin / Branch Manager / Noblesville, IN

I wish to express to you my appreciation for the exemplary service and pleasantness and kindness shown to me on a very important file to me that {closed on time}. The borrowers are dear friends of mine and the service I have been able to deliver to them has been excellent because of {corporate support staff} Laurie, Katie, Meg & Karen.... Read the full testimonial

Michael  / Branch Manager / Indianapolis, IN

It is just incredible how good and effective {the AmeriFirst} staff is. I had an FHA purchase on a condo where there was a question on how many units the builder could own and what qualified as ownership in one community. Faith and I read the guideline prior to sending the file to underwriting (U/W) and thought we were in good shape. Maranda had a different conclusion and when Anne and I spoke she said she thought the language that Maranda reviewed was in fact correct, therefore ineligible... Read the full testimonial

M.B. / Branch Manager / Wisconsin

When {Patrick} was trying to convince me to come on board he told me two thing that I would encounter:

1. Mortgage Builder would be difficult to learn but in the end I would like working in it. It is and I do!

2. I would like the folks that I would be working with. I do!! What {he} didn’t tell me was that everyone would go out of their way to help me learn the systems. That everyone that I would deal with would at some time in the conversation remark that AmeriFirst is a great place to be and they like it here... Read the full testimonial

Faith  / Loan Processor / Indianapolis, IN

My husband and I … had been a broker for many years and just weren’t sure what we would miss or gain from being a Direct Mortgage Banker {with AmeriFirst}. As a broker we might have a couple of options with wholesale lenders and maybe an extra .25% every once in a while, but there were too many lender specific layered credit guidelines to keep up with and the service was horrible. Underwriting times were sometimes weeks and the closing departments were terrible to work with. My husband has always told me that he doesn’t need to be the lowest guy in town to get business, it is about service levels. Service is what sets us apart from our competitors.... Read the full testimonial

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