Buying My First Home

Find out what it takes to become a first time home buyer this year. Check out our helpful guide with educational tips & options for home buyers - The Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home - a digital guide.

Leaving the apartment for your first home is a big move; becoming an educated buyer is an important step in the process. From understanding interest rates and appraisals to deciding on the right loan program, you have to get ready to take a big step.

We’re here to offer insight and information for that first home mortgage to help make this process as smooth as possible. Take advantage of resources like our Get Mortgage Ready for first time home buyers, our Mortgage Minute TV with experienced mortgage professionals and our educational blog roll. If there’s any question you don’t see answered, let us know. We’d love to help you become an educated first time home buyer. Check out the AmeriFirst Home Mortgage "first time home buyer" video library below.

Download our eBook "A Concise Guide for the First Time Home Buyer" to better understand the mortgage and home buying process. You'll learn about FICO scores (what they are and what yours should be), appraisals (are they really necessary) and down payment requirements. The information is free!

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Here are a few FAQs and links to the answers:

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