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AmeriFirst Home Mortgage Customer Care FAQ

Does AmeriFirst Home Mortgage offer bi-weekly mortgage payments?

AmeriFirst Home Mortgage does not offer a bi-weekly payment service.  You can find bi-weekly payment programs out there. However, they are run by 3rd parties and there are fees involved.  The allure of these services is that they sell homeowners on the idea that they’ll save on interest because they’ll be making one extra payment per year.  While that’s true, you don’t need to pay someone a fee to accomplish that goal.  If you want to save on interest, we recommend you divide your payment by 12 and send that amount as extra principal each month.  Please advise: AmeriFirst does not accept payments every 2 weeks. Sending half your mortgage payment to us every 2 weeks can cause all kinds of problems, and we’d hate to see payments have problems.

Does AmeriFirst Home Mortgage provide coupon books?

No, we do not provide coupon books.  Borrowers are sent a monthly billing statement which has a tear-off coupon at the bottom.  Monthly statements are generated using a bill-and-receipt method.  This means, we will create a billing statement for the next payment due when the payment for the current month is received.  If we do not receive a payment before the end of the grace period, a statement will generate after the grace period expires billing the borrower for two payments plus a late charge.

What is the AmeriFirst Home Mortgage grace period for paying my mortgage?

The grace period at AmeriFirst Home Mortgage – the time frame that you won’t be charged any fees – is 15 days. This means a borrower – that’s you – has until the 16th to make their payment without being charged a late fee.  If the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday, we extend their grace period to the following business day.