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Get Mortgage Ready with this free guide

Get Mortgage Ready Kit for First Time Home Buyers 174 2013

It's time to Get Mortgage Ready. Learn the steps of the mortgage process.

Download Your FREE Get Mortgage Ready Guide

Important Announcement! We updated this guide for this year, including the new mortgage glossary. Find out what it takes to buy a house in the current housing market.

Thinking about buying a house? Ready to shed the shackles of renting and enjoy the freedom of owning your home? If it's time for you to Get Mortgage Ready, you've come to the right place. In this kit you will find:

  • A complete rundown of the mortgage process
  • Information to understand and improve your credit report (including a look at an example report)
  • A look at how to get mortgage pre-approval
  • Keys to understanding mortgage interest rates
  • A list of industry terms so you can be an informed buyer

You're free to download, print and share this guide free of charge. Good luck becoming a first time home buyer.

Free Guide for First Time Home Buyers