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The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement Loans
This 17-page guide will help you understand home improvement loans and your options, so you can make an average house into your dream home.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans have become popular in the housing market as buyers are increasingly purchasing fixer-upper homes.  Home improvement loans (also called renovation mortgages) can help turn an average house into a dream home.

This guide will explain what a renovation mortgage is, and help you determine if the house you want is a good candidate. Here are a few examples of what you'll learn:

  • What is a home improvement loan?
  • What are the options available to finance your remodeling dreams?
  • How do payments get made to the contractors?
  • Are energy efficient upgrades acceptable projects?
This 17-page guide will help explain the process of home improvement loans in plain English so you'll be better prepared to go house hunting and find the home that's right for you!

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