Getting Started

Now that you've heard our side and you've seen the testimonials from our current branches, it's time to find out the steps to becoming a branch with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.

How do I go about getting approved?

We are Selective. Our results have come because of outstanding people. Frankly, we’re pretty fussy about who we “partner” with. We consider your experience, production histories, and goals. We want you to be as driven as we are to excel. This makes for beautiful chemistry. And it goes both ways.

How do I know if we are a good fit?

This is a very important question for both of us. And the answer has a lot to do with values. On our end, we see our relationships as a strategic partnership that combines the resources of the Originator, with those of AmeriFirst, to achieve common objectives. People that are committed to this teamwork-value do best in our environment. It’s a compelling ingredient.

We will be asking you about your production. How long you’ve been originating, and how much you consistently fund, will be interesting to us. We don’t train you to become an Originator, and developing business is your responsibility. With AmeriFirst, there are Originators that do anywhere from mega-production to good production. We consider relationships all along this continuum based on attitudes and aptitudes. Of course, we’re only open to relationships that are clean with the law and Regulators. And like all lenders, we have to verify this.

What are the minimum requirements to be considered for a branch opportunity?

AmeriFirst seeks experienced and seasoned mortgage professionals that can originate and close loans in all market conditions. We desire at least 2 years current origination experience and frankly, like to see 3 years plus. Experience with all loan types is preferable. Although all production volumes will be considered, a demonstrated ability to produce upwards of $1,000,000 per month is what we’re looking for. You should also have some managerial or supervisory experience and be able to provide verifiable industry references.

Secondly, we evaluate the credit standing of all our applicants...particularly any challenges in the last 12 to 24 months. Naturally, we understand that extenuating circumstances occur and we patiently review each letter of explanation when there are challenges.

Lastly, we conduct a criminal background check on each and every applicant intending to originate loans for AmeriFirst. Care and confidentiality are the hallmarks of our selection procedure.

What if I don’t meet the minimum requirements for a Branch, is there a place for me at AmeriFirst?

If your own branch is not right for you at this time, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t become involved with AmeriFirst. We may be able to construct an interface with one of our existing Branches allowing your production skills to develop, with a possible maturation into branch management.

You can download our Branch Opportunities eBook here.

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